Our lovely team, driven by passion and a powerful DNA.

We are rooted in the mobility of tomorrow

There is a little secret you should know: our founders don't have their driving license. Period. And our team uses public transit and alternative transports every day, so their experience is as real as it can get.

Oh and also, we are big fans of public transport goodies and our team buildings happen in trams. Mobility-geek you said?

Openness & Inclusion

Our collaborators have access to core data about the company. Income? Turnover? Plans? We start by sharing everything with the team.

We strive to shift the lines of a rigid and segregated hierarchy. And we want to contribute to closing the gender gap by creating a respectful and inclusive culture where women can feel safe and supported at work.

You’re welcome to take those steps with us.✌🏻

Efficiency at the ❤️ of our work

A lot of people judge their work by the quantity instead of the quality. We don't. We aim to work as smart as possible and be as efficient as possible. We hate losing time, in commute, in useless meetings, in endless boring 9 - to - 5 weekdays.

Our goal: creating the most efficient team in the world.

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