Insightful mobility.

Stoomlink provides reliable and actionable insight-driven solutions for the belgian mobility ecosystem. Our goal is to help companies succeed in reinventing their mobility by providing them with the right tools to understand, decide and implement the multimodal shift.

Stoomlink is the union of VIAS, Stratec & nextmoov cutting-edge experience and savoir-faire in mobility & digital products development.

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01. Information, Data & Insights

Thanks to Aware© , we provide you with novel insights about the mobility ecosystem around you. Our Constant Transport Monitoring Engine analyses multiple data sources to gain on-the-fly and longer term analysis of the sustainable mobility network conditions (planned and unplanned disruptions, expected domino effect …).

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02. Analysis & Counselling

Being informed is critical, but being able to take action is even more so! While you’re happy to obtain as many insights as possible from the collected data, not all of the takeaways will be actionable. This is why we offer a toolbox dedicated to in-depth analysis of the transport habits and alternate mobility solutions available for your employees. The process involves collecting habits and feedbacks, analysing them using powerful data visualisation tools and, eventually, helping you and your employees to take relevant decisions.

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03. Operations

Once you have decided on the best mix of mobility solution, we’ll help you spread the love through all possible channels, including Smart Displays, Intranet widget, dedicated apps ...

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