We are Stoomlink.
We are the Belgian Mobility
Digital Factory.

We help companies
reinvent their mobility.

We are Stoomlink, a subsidiary of the four Belgian Public Transports Operators — TEC, De Lijn, STIB-MIVB and NMBS-SNCB.

We build innovative digital applications for the mobility of tomorrow.

We allow millions of Belgians
to get around faster than ever.

Our SmartDisplays are popping all around Belgium.
Get instant access to your surrounding mobility,
right from an interactive on-street digital kiosk.

Discover how we helped TEC and SNCB/NMBS
make customer's journeys faster and simpler.
Now available for your office as well!

We built the first ever
real-time route planner
in Belgium.

Meet SMOP (for Smart MObility Planner).
Our fully-featured intermodal, real-time route planner
is ready to guide you through your journey.

Built using the best open-source technologies - with a Belgian twist, of course!

Now build yours, using our ready-to-use APIs

We broadcast
the future of mobility, every day on National TV.

Broadcast helps RTBF give the mobility of tomorrow
the place it deserves on national news.

We are convinced the right information at the right time is key
to make the modal shift happen. Help us spread the word.
Offer your audience the pulse of the green mobility network.

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We're not just another
overfunded mobility startup.

We are young.

And yet we've been doing this for 10 years.

We are public-owned.

And a proud subsidiary of TEC, DeLijn, STIB-MIVB and NMBS-SNCB.

We live by our vision.

And we know this changes everything.

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