SmartKiosks & Displays

Surrounding Mobility
at a glance

All the mobility around
right in front of your eyes.

What time is the next bus?
Is there any delay?
Can I find a bike nearby?

Faster than any app, and without requiring any device, our SmartDisplays answer these questions and tons of others.

Designed for
the new mobility.

Thanks to our microservices architecture, we add new mobility providers every day. Unlike old industrial solutions, our SmartDisplays were designed for the latest forms of mobility: shared bikes, shared cars, shared everything. Without forgetting our good ol' transit networks!

Easily setup and deployed.

Whether you already have a digital signage solution
and just want to plug ours on, or whether you wish we do it all — installation & hardware: We do it all! One screen — like we did for BECi — or an industrial country-wide deploy like we did in Wallonia for TEC: SmartDisplays are designed to support any scale of deployment.

Dynamic & Interactive.

SmartDisplays also come in a “Kiosk-like flavour”: on top of the non-interactive digital signage solution, SmartDisplays can also be fully interactive. It includes killer features like Real-Time route planning, live network disruptions alerts, live maps,...

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Surrounding mobility
right in front of your eyes.

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