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Build your very own
mobility companion.

The mobility of tomorrow,
right in your pocket.

Discover SmartMobilityPlanner: our fully capable intermodal and real-time route planner is ready to guide you through your journey.

Wanna take back control over your mobility? Planning, routing, ticketing. We've got your back.

All-in-one, Intermodal
& Real-time.

We natively integrate all mobility solutions available out there. We combine them in the most efficient way. All that in real-time of course.

Robust foundations,
with your custom UI.

Our micro-services architecture allows us to customize the deployment to your specific needs. And we top it up with a tailor-made interface.

Numerous Ticketing Provider supported.

E-ticketing is at the vanguard of the mobility of tomorrow. We have the expertise to make the dream come true.

A singular Belgian flavour.

Native multilanguage support and results well-anchored in the Belgian mobility reality.

Backed by a strong Open Source philosophy

As an active member of the open-source community, we shared most of our work freely. Just one more way we are contributing to building a greener future.

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Need a tailor-made solution?
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Do you need to integrate route planning capabilities in your app? Or maybe only transit ticketing solutions? Our technological stack can do it all. Reach out, so we can schedule a demo.

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