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What is the most congested street in your city?
How should you strengthen your transit network?
How many Belgians can navigate your city using green mobility solutions?

MobiScore is your Mobility Survey Self-Service.

To answer all these questions, and so many more.

  • Instant & Realtime

    That's all it takes to generate your study in MobiScore.
    It's a Self-Service.

  • Flexible & Transparent Pricing

    Mobility solutions to watch. Radius of observations. Granularity of data.
    Choose it all and get a fair transparent quote.

  • Static & Dynamic

    Static studies offer data-driven insights backed up by thousands of historical data points. Dynamic studies provide real-time impact and A/B comparisons of any situation.

Get your mobility situation
at a single glance

Which areas in your cities are pretty well deserved by public transports? What are the black spots? Where is there room for improvement?
Our Overview Map allows you to comprehend your situation in one look.

Tailor-made details
of your specific case

Our interactive TableView allows you to deep dive into the data. Point-by-Point, Street-by-Street, Zone-by-Zone:
Get a complete understanding of what's going on at every location of your territory. And get insights on how to improve and fix any situation.

MobiScore for Businesses

Analyze your sales and distribution networks and maximize its reach.
Stay relevant to your employees while promoting greener mobility.

Discover MobiScore and leverage all the opportunities greener mobility has to offer.

For Business

Mobility is changing.
Understand that change.

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