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Developer (intern)

Internship as Javascript Developer in Brussels, Belgium or Remote • Full time

In order to reinforce its team, Stoomlink is looking for a Javascript Developer (intern).

About us.

Stoomlink (pronounced s-too-mlink [ˈstuːmlɪŋk] 😉 ) is a Belgian tech startup whose ambition is to make tomorrow’s mobility a reality for everyone, everywhere, thanks to its innovative digital products. We are convinced that our mobility habits take root in our daily life and that we must firmly hold the hands of today’s commuters to help helm take the leap of the green mobility revolution. This is where our products and expertise come to action!

  • Stoomlink was founded in late 2018, and since then worked with renowned brands : RTBF, TEC, STIB-MIVB, NMBS-SNCB, …

  • From NextRide — a multi-awarded mobility companion — to the Smart Mobility Planner — an ambitious open-source route planner, Stoomlink is built upon a solid legacy of top-notch user experience and cutting-edge technologies.

  • Since its foundation, the team has grown steadily with talented and visionary people sharing a strong vision for a more open and inclusive mobility of tomorrow.

What we do.

In short: we are mobility experts, leveraging data to serve qualitative information through multiple channels (UI). We are convinced that qualitative information is the key to restore the lack of confidence and control experienced by car owners when considering the shift to green alternatives (be they public transports, shared mobility, active mobility…). This is why we have developed a range of innovative digital products which, through their unique process of data, provide contextualized, actionable and real-time information to both those defining the mobility of tomorrow (think cities and public authorities) and those considering using it (think commuters and car addicts).


We not only are great product makers: we also like to think we are the best team 💪. And this has definitely something to do with our DNA and our willingness to (re)invent the way we work. And if concepts like work/life balance, autonomy and structured freedom are important to you, go ahead to our public GitHub repository to get to know us a bit better!

Oh, one more thing! You’ll see in there that inclusivity and feminism are an integral part of our cherished values. And as we don’t repeat it enough: let’s break the gender gap together, woman are strongly encouraged to apply 🔥.

What you'll do.

As a Javascript intern, you will:

  • Learn ton of things about a large scale JS-only infrastructure
  • Bootstrap small ETL (extract-transform-load) JS modules and get them reviewed by our lead engineers
  • Write Unit Testing code for our microservices swarm
  • Write clear documentation so that other engineers can jump in and get things done.
  • Write lots of JS. Like, for real.

Your qualifications.

  • Training experience in either Node.js server-side programming language or React framework
  • A bit of experience with database management, either SQL or NoSQL (e.g. Mongo).
  • Eagerness to learn more everyday — watching a lot of Tech Talks and reading a ton of blog posts.
  • Working knowledge of version control systems like Git.
  • Strong soft skills — we like nice humans.
  • You are fluent in French or Dutch and you and have excellent verbal and written communication skills in English

Bonus points if:

  • You don’t have a car, or at least you love public transports and micro-mobility as much as we do 😍
  • You are at ease with GitFlow.
  • You send your favorite Tech Talk or blog post when you apply

What we'll offer you.

  • A 2-6 months internship program, allowing you to experience working in a startup environment while learning along the way.
  • Work in an open and transparent environment, with its share of fun too!
  • A lot of freedom in organizing your work (remote and/or asynchronous work is encouraged)
  • The perspective to integrate permanently our team as Junior Backend/Frontend Developer.

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